Enchanted Grove

Meditation and Understanding Your Oracle Deck with Izzy   

Sat. Oct. 5th 2-4pm ($25 cash only)

In this workshop you will learn meditation techniques to help you understand your cards better. You will also learn how to choose the deck that is right for you and also how to cleanse your deck.

                                     Learn to Read the Tarot with Mrs. K.

Sat. Nov. 2nd,  Nov. 16th and Nov. 23d,  2-4pm ($100 cash only for the three classes)
In this class, you will learn the symbolism of the cards, how to interpret them, and two of the basic spreads used during readings.  Students will also learn how to keep their minds clear and open to Spirit’s messages.  Note:  The symbols taught will be those used in the Ryder-Waite-Smith and Morgan Greer decks. 

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Downtown Willoughby

Events and Information

   Séance with Greg Kendzior         Friday, Oct. 25th  7-9pm  ($25 cash only)
Greg is back to shed some light on the spirits this October.  Get your Halloween messages now especially when the veil between the worlds is so thin. Your departed loved ones may be trying to reach you.   (Call 440-942-0506 to reserve your spot)  Please, if you can’t make it call the shop, others are waiting for the spot.  No walk-ins allowed.

Basics of Wicca  With Spencer       November 9th      2-4pm $25

Do you feel a spiritual draw to nature or a fixation with the moon? There is a reason! Come and introduce yourself to a religious and spiritual path that is rooted in these things. You will learn basic knowledge of the Goddess/God of Wicca, the elements, magick, Wiccan tenets, and much more. (This class is welcome to anyone of any path)


  Mediumship with Mrs. K.           Sat. Sept. 28th  2-4pm ($25 cash only)

A Medium is a person who can connect to the energy of people and animals that have transcended the Material Plane and entered into the Energy Plane, i.e.Spirit.   This class will give you the basics of developing your psychic sensitivities, how to control them, and how to use them for a higher good. 

Please call 440-942-0506 to register.

Events And Classes

Essence of Stones 101 with Spencer        Sat. Oct. 19th  2-4pm ($25 cash only)

In this workshop you will learn the vibrations of stones and the ways you can apply them to improve your life, heal, feel and manifest positive energy.  Create the balance you need in your life with the Earth’s own treasures.