Saturday, May 18th, 1-3pm     Balance and Boundaries with Tanya Lynch

          Being able to see and hear spiritual beings can be an overwhelming gift sometimes.  We
          want to help them, but we need to be able to live our own lives as well.  I have learned
          how to establish balance and boundaries with the other side and still live a “normal life”.
          I would like to teach others who are struggling with these gifts how to manage and control
          their abilities.

          $25 Cash only, please.  Call to reserve your spot. (440-942-0506)

Events And Classes

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Downtown Willoughby

Events and Information

         Saturday, April 27th,  7pm—8:30     Séance with Greg Kendzior

        Back by popular demand, Greg will enchant us with spirit messages from spirit to us.

        Please call early to reserve your seat as this fills up quickly.  $25 at the door, cash only.


Enchanted Grove

Saturday, May 4th, 1-3pm    Energy Clearing with Lisa Rains

         It has been a long winter and no doubt, we are ready to bring in fresh spring energies. 
        Perhaps you have moved into a new space, or are just feeling stale energies in your current
         one.  We will learn some simple and effective ways to not only move these energies, but to  clear them out to make room for new beginnings.  I will show you some fun ways that the
          whole family can participate in as well.  Bring a pen and some paper for this class.

         $25.  Cash only please.    Call 440-942-0506 to reserve your spot.