Enchanted Grove

Events And Classes

October 20, 7:30-9pm  $25 cash only.
with Greg Kendzior

Just in time for Samhain (Halloween).  The veil is thinning, and it is easier to tap into the other side.  Join Greg as he leads us through an old fashion Seance.  Please do not drink alcohol before coming and come with an open mind and heart for optimum success and enjoyment.


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Downtown Willoughby

Events and Information

November 15, 7:30-9Pm   $25 cash only
with Greg Kendzior

Psychometry is the art of reading an object and knowing events surrounding this object.  Greg will demonstrate this simple technique and everyone can try their hand at it.  Please bring an object in that has a particularly vivid history that you know about. 

The Power of Conscious Language  
Back by popular demand!
Saturday October 6th 1-3pm    $25.00 cash only
I believe most of us already know how much power our words can wield.  It is time for us to revisit and reinforce our skills of Conscious Language!
By learning how to "upgrade" our language, we will upgrade our own reality  (and potentially our world!)
This is a skill well worth refining!  
Conscious Language compliments all we do in life, from interactions with anyone you meet up with to the very life you are trying to create, conscious language  (and thought) are certainly key components!

Lisa Rains, presenter

TAROT FOR BEGINNERS.    $100.00  cash only
4 weeks  Mondays  
 October 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd 7:30pm-9:00pm
Tarot is a wonderfully insightful tool!
The Tarot has been used for centuries to gain insight and clarity.  
We will learn the traditional meanings, symbolism and correlation (to other systems) behind this very ancient and profound tool. We will learn some effective and simple spreads to gain insight for ourselves.   We will also delve into the intuitive side of reading !
You will need a traditionally based deck such as a Rider-Waite or similar deck to work with. Handouts are included.  This class will meet on Mondays for 4 weeks. 

Lisa Rains, presenter.