Enchanted Grove


   Welcome to The Enchanted Grove, Lake County, Ohio's premier Metaphysical and New Age gift store for over Twenty years, located in Willoughby, 30 miles east of Cleveland Ohio.  Our internationally known store is valued for its pleasant atmosphere that immediately presents itself by sight, sound and smell once you step from the outside world and into our enchanted world.  
     You are sure to find something of interest from our vast collection of merchandise from around the world.  We cater to all walks of life, all ways of religion and all paths of philosophy.  Take time from your busy day and relax while you wander around the shop upon our glittered carpet transporting your awareness from the mundane to the mystifying.
          Along with the permanent line of our quality candles, sage, smudge sticks, incense, books, tarot cards, greeting cards, jewelry, clothes, gems, minerals, and so much more; our inventory changes; getting new lines of new merchandise so that each time you come in you may find something just right for you or someone special in your life.  All our merchandise is individually selected to make your visit enjoyable for the mind, body and soul.
     We also offer classes and workshops throughout the year, so check our website for any updates.  Make sure to sign up for our newsletter so that you can be informed of any upcoming events or sales.